“For we are not as many,
which corrupt the word of God”
2 Corinthians 2:17

It is the time of awakening!

If you continue in My Word, then are you indeed My disciples; you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. 

John 8:31

Are you part of a Church that was built by Lord Jesus, or are you part of a congregation that was built by people? Are you in a dead Church, or a living one? Discover the truth about Christ's Church by reading the booklet "Church - The Body of Christ" and find out what the Lord says about today's Churches. It is crucial to know where we are, because the salvation of our soul depends on it.

Excerpt from the Church – The Body of Christ booklet: For many of us, the Church we belong to no longer has a God-given purpose. Many people see the Church as mainly a place where we can find some peace of mind that is lost during the week. We have been taught to believe that what is generically called the Church is a place where people with common religious preoccupations gather. It is a place dedicated for activities such as singing, praying, listening to a sermon, and socializing a little after the program, after which everyone goes back to their personal concerns and interests.

A very small part of the congregation has the job of carrying out this program, the vast majority of Church members being in the position of consuming these religious programs, their job consisting of being present/sitting on the bench, and participating with a certain amount of money for the needs of the congregation. It may seem natural to you that there are many in the assembly who do not attend meetings for months or even years and yet remain on the membership list. In order not to be deceived, today it is  more than ever necessary to investigate what are the signs by which we can distinguish a living Church, which is the Body of Christ, from a dead one, which is without Christ.


Transformed in the Image of Christ

We believe that the most important thing in this short life that we live on this earth is for each of us to know exactly God’s plan for man, who is the crown of His creation, to know the purpose for which God created man.

In order to know what is in God’s plan, we must carefully examine what was God’s purpose in creating man, and then we can examine what is the path we must follow until we reach the stature for which we were created.

From reading the Scriptures, we can see that in His eternal plan, God not only had in mind the creation of beings superior to angels, but His purpose was to create beings who would be a crown of His creation, He created a being in the image and likeness of Himself and His only Son, a being in which His nature would be manifested.

He chose to create a being that would have His nature, that would be in His image and likeness. He created a being to have His own nature, He created a being totally unlike anything He had ever created before. (Genesis 1:26-27) Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness; in God’s image, created he man. Genesis 1:26-27)

Being born again (the new birth) or receiving the citizenship in the Kingdom of God is the greatest event that can take place in someone's life. Being born again is mandatory to enter the Kingdom of God. (Truly I tell you, if a man is not born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. John 3:3) …
For many of us, the Church we belong to no longer has a God-given purpose. For many, the Church is just a place to find some peace of mind that is lost during the week due to a crowded lifestyle. We have been taught to believe that what is generically called Church is aplace where people with com…
When God tells us that His image has to take shape in us, He is telling us that His attributes/character are to be imprinted in us, that we must clothe ourselves with the wedding garment. God has prepared this project for us even before the foundation of the world. (For those whom He foreknew, He al…

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